Aug 05, 2022
8/6-8/7 Mars in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius today just after midnight. It is building now. 

  • Mars represents how we separate, individuate and take action. 
  • Mars also represents the fire of our desire and the strength of our will. 
  • Mars wants action, to move a situation forward, to get what we want (the question is which part of us is Mars being an agent for - our enslaved self-image or our infinite heart?)
  • Mars mirrors our masculine essence. We all have this in our beings and in our charts, regardless of sex, gender or identity. 
  • Mars relates to our original spark of awareness and physically, our head center. 
  • When we direct our attention OUT to relate to another person and direct them, we are using our Mars.  
  • Healthy Mars is greatly needed in the world right now. 
  • The Masculine Principle is in an important healing process to shift from destroyer to protector with Chiron in Aries through 2026.
  • Mars in Taurus is the last stop before Mars shifts into Gemini and stays there for 6 months due to retrograde motion and the start of a  new cycle. 

Taurus is a stabilizing, fixed earth sign "ruled" by Venus. The densest, slowest, most fertile sign in the zodiac is connected to the form of our bodies and nature and most especially our 5 senses (Venus is connected to the number 5.) 

Mars can get a bit frustrated in this sign but all energetic combinations can assist us in learning. 

We can embrace all of what arises on our heroine's journey as our initiation. Our primordial hearts can hold it all. 

The big medicine of Mars in Taurus is to slow way the f*ck down, and pay more attention to our bodies and how we are moving projects forward and using our will. Are we in alignment with nature or pushing all the time, not resting, being agro with ourselves or others? How do we deal with frustration in our day-to-day? 

A square is a tense 90-degree angle between two planets. It manifests as an internal tension. Tension wants to be resolved and can be used positively. Creativity is tension. Attraction is tension. 

Tension is not bad but it can make us anxious if we don't know how to move with it. If your nervous system is feeling stressed, how can you move the energy in a positive direction in your life? 

Saturn is the Taskmaster, "Teacher of NO" that creates obstacles as part of our initiation to claim our own authority (our first Saturn return at around 28 is our first big lesson in how to do this.)

Saturn represents time and the process of maturing and shifting from self-centeredness to community-mindedness and purpose. Saturn also rules bones as the structure of our bodies. 

Saturn can show up as the external authority, sometimes linked to father types, bosses, the government, or the police that impose restrictions or upholds the rules or laws. 

Aquarius is the final air sign that crystallizes thoughts and visions in fixed, stabilizing energy. "The Water-Bearer" holds the water of feelings but does not become it. This is the signature of the facilitator who holds a more objective, clearer perspective to assist a group with an emotionally charged process.

 If there ever was an emotionally charged time with groups of people unable to see another perspective, it is now.

Aquarius is group intelligence that gets smarter with diversity and through including divergent points of view. This is the energy of the rebel, the questioner, the one who thinks outside the box to find solutions. Aquarius is connected to the planet Uranus (also in Taurus and Mars and Uranus united on August 1st.) 

Saturn is also the traditional ruler of Aquarius before Uranus was discovered. So, Saturn has an affinity here, even though Saturn is the status quo and Aquarius is the edge of the new paradigm. An interesting paradox there. I tend to give Uranus more weight as the ruler. 

This morning I was in a class with the wonderful Ajaya Sommers doing a Continuum bodywork practice. One of the sounds that we used originated from Tibetan Buddism and was called "skull shining" - its purpose is to illuminate the light in the bones. I thought, ah, this is Saturn in Aquarius vibes! 

So Mars clashing with Saturn is like GO - STOP energy, on the heels of Mars' meet up with Uranus which was GO WILD energy. What pattern is being unearthed in the deepest part of your being, at the level of bones to find space? When we have space, new possibilities dawn. 

Saturn in Aquarius is very much connected to our deeper movement into the Age of Aquarius and the unique genius we have to bring at this time. Can we find the discipline to pursue our sacred mission, no matter how unusual, out of the box or impossible it may seem? 

Remember Venus rules Taurus so she has an especially important role in this configuration. In Venus Wisdom, we reference Venus' dance with the Sun as the key to navigating the chaos of these times and dreaming a new culture. 

Venus is in Cancer until the 11th. She opposes Pluto tomorrow and this is a big moment on our journey - tapping into our sense of inner security in the face of what can seem like threatening forces coming from the outside. Nourishment and care for self and other her teachings. 

Where are you seeing this Venus in Cancer energy show up in others? In yourself? Every micro drop of kindness counts. 

Tomorrow, Venus makes a beautiful water trine with the Dreamer, Neptune. Unconditional love and states of awe and wonder are more available.

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