Sep 01, 2022

September is one of our major turns of the seasonal year with equal day and night at Equinox. This year it is a pivotal month in the Venus cycle this year as she disappears as Morning Star around September 14th. Catch her while you can in the pre-dawn sky before she goes!

This transition means that her Morning Star Phase ends and her Underworld Phase begins. If either of these is your natal phases, this shift may hold more meaning for you.

Regardless of your natal phase, this is a significant shift in the energetics. I have found that when Venus disappears from the Morning Sky, there is a collective sigh, even though most people don't even know about her cycle!

Mercury also goes retrograde in Venus' sign of Libra so we have an opportunity to reflect on our Mind-Heart integration and how well we are communicating in our relations. There's often some snafus connected to Mercury's retrograde, when its Trickster nature is activated. It's good to be aware of the timing and tend to the details of communication and tech during this window.

Speaking of meaning-making, I want to share a bit about the Venus Wisdom way of working with the Key Astro Dates.

First, I know it can be overwhelming to look at all that astro lingo and not know what it means. I encourage you not to get caught in that. The key to feminine learning is to stay curious about what we don't know. If you choose to use the Key Astro Dates in the way that I do, it may alleviate some overwhelm.

Second, I advocate using all astrology and wisdom maps and anything external to oneself as an empowerment tool, not as another fate-based program that hooks us into victimhood around what we can't control. All good maps point you in the direction of trusting your OWN inner guidance.

We are heroines on a sacred mission and everything that arises has the potential to bring us into greater intimacy with the power of who we truly are.

We are heroes, too. Our outer action is super important, especially if you are an entrepreneur, creator, executive, leader, visionary, etc. But if that outer action is not connected to, and in service to our deep heart, we will not know fulfillment.

So, first, we root in the Wisdom of Venus, then all our other inner characters partake of that cohesion.

If you've been following me for a while, you know that I'm not a fan of anticipating what's coming, as that pattern interferes with being more present with what is naturally arising.

Venus wisdom is all about connecting with our own natural guidance and leading from that instead of forcing with our head (Mercury) or will (Mars.) Both of these characters are important allies when in service to our deep hearts but they don't bring us to the edge of our evolutionary journey as Venus does.

As I sat down to write the Key Astro Dates for September, I
I thought it may be helpful to share a bit more about my process of working with these important energetic markers.

First, all these aspects are not equal. Some of these Key Dates are much more important than others. Since I am teaching how to sync with Venus, I always highlight the New and Peak Venus Portals as those are prime times to tap into Venus's wisdom (yes, even when we can't see her in the Underworld.)

I also highlight the Sun's movement through the Solar Gates of the Zodiac (Equinoxes and Solstices) as well as the cross-quarter points. These are special days.

The Sun is the symbol of the Source Light that illuminates our journey. Venus wisdom is not just about Venus, as a single planet in the sky or in our charts but Venus' dance with the fire of Source to support us to embody more of our unique expression of love on the planet that fuels our mission.

So, I create this comprehensive list, publish it and then mostly forget the details of it. This is just the way my brain works. Lol.

To stay tuned, I reference the list through the month and especially those Venus portal dates or aspects. If there is a time-sensitive event when something is visible, I don't want to miss it.

I recommend you screenshot it and keep it on your phone or desktop to have it handy.

Where the dates are the MOST useful, is when I'm having a major, "What the F*ck!" moment because I'm facing a particularly chaotic or challenging moment in my journey. Then, I look. And I'm like... of course Uranus just turned around retrograde right on top of my Saturn! Or whatever.

Even if you don't know all the lingo when you use your intuition and stay in curiosity, you can break it down and find meaning.

If you have the Venus Wisdom Guidebook, you can reference the keywords for the planet and the sign. If you know how to locate that in your own chart, you can add in the house. That's a lot of meaning to contemplate.

The most helpful thing is that when we are FEELING it, these concepts are showing up in the real so our experience is teaching us what it means.

For example Uranus = revolutionary energy that breaks us free. Taurus = stabilizing in earth and the security of form. If you have a planet in your natal chart around 16-19 degrees of Taurus, you are likely having an embodied experience of this shakeup. Connecting that personal experience to the Uranian energy in the sky is going to give you a lot of meaning, more than any book or words can impart.

You can also go to sites like: to read more about the meaning of a certain planet in a certain sign. My favorite app for tracking astro transits for my personal chart is TimePassages.

We have a vast array of resources to tune into the astrological themes. Just be aware that a lot of predictive and dualistic interpretations out there. All that choice and data can be overwhelming. And, of course, I haven't found any that emphasize syncing with Venus.

A huge blessing of syncing with Venus is that when I get too in my head or expanded into all the possibilities and energies of the cosmos, I center on what's happening with Venus. This helps me focus on what's alive in my own body and heart, allowing the map to point me back to my inner wisdom.

Hope that supports you in tuning into the cosmos. I will be sharing more about the September Sky Story soon. I'm aspiring to create a Venus in Leo video this weekend. Loving the Solar Feminine energy of this time.

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