Aug 24, 2022

Syncing with Venus is a powerful tool for claiming ourselves as heroines and strengthening our heart-centered leadership in these turbulent times.

Tomorrow morning is our final portal of descent in Venus' Morning Star Phase in this Capricorn cycle that began on January 8th.

This Capricorn cycle is a big opportunity to release our good girl, people-pleasing conditioning and claim more of our inner authority and power to create our lives.

Venus and Moon are meeting in Leo, the sign of creativity, self-love, and leadership so the energies are particularly supportive for self-appreciation.

For this next month, and especially before Venus shifts into Virgo on September 4th, I encourage you to celebrate all the ways you have been victorious in honoring yourself and your truth in this uber-intense cycle of all cycles (thanks to Pluto in the mix.)

Much of what happens to us is beyond our control but we can choose how we meet it, and, most importantly, how we talk to and regard ourselves in that meeting.

This morning I got up early and saw the Moon was visible high above Venus. They will appear closer together at pre-dawn tomorrow and meet exactly at 17˚ Leo at 4:50 pm Pacific.

I call this union the New Venus Portal. This monthly event opens a new chapter in the 19-month story of our heroine’s journey. It’s an alternative to the New Moon for those who feel called to anchor the new feminine frequency or don’t resonate with the Moon's energies.

Each month, the Moon as the lunar feminine and Venus as the Solar Feminine come together, offering us the opportunity to choose to lead with what is currently alive in our hearts instead of our history. This practice can assist us to respond more and react less.

In Venus Wisdom, instead of setting intentions (with our head and will) we engage in embodiment practices that support us to drop below the mind and the tension of the nervous system into a pearl of deeper wisdom.

The invitation is to go on the early morning quest to see Venus and Moon together; to be on the earth attuned to the pre-dawn sounds, sights, and smells and to slow down into simplicity.

Actively choosing not to know is a good start. Softening into gravity with a relaxed jaw and belly is brilliant. How often do you take the time and space to allow yourself to feel the deeper river of what you are feeling? Can you gift yourself this time tomorrow?

If you are inspired to view them at their closest, you will need to rise before dawn and look to the northeast to receive the blessing of her light in your eyes. It can be a visceral cosmic empowerment or simply a chance to be more intimate with your deeper truth. Remember, you can always go back to sleep!

Venus is lower in the sky than she has been but still clearly visible before dawn's light washes over her. You may need some elevation but, depending on your location, you will likely be able to see the waning crescent Moon with Venus one last time.

Venus reflects our ability to connect and our experience of our internal world. She represents our self-worth and our relationship style and abilities. 

The dominator culture conditioning has weaponized our feminine nature against us through conditioning girls to focus on their appearance and cultivating self-consciousness about what others "out there" will think of us. It has denied boys the experience of their inner, feeling world.

All that is changing yet those patterns often still rule us. Having the courage to show up and be seen as who we truly are is a superpower always, and especially, now.

Venus dives into the Underworld around September 14th as she goes behind the Sun for her deepest initiation and an exact union on October 22nd. This opens up a Libra Star Point that hasn't been active in 150 years. Much more on that soon.

Venus and the Moon make a tense square with the nodes of the Moon at this New Venus Portal, amping up the pressure to express our creativity in ways that move us towards our evolutionary growth. How would showing up bigger and courageously sharing more of your gifts impact your life and the life of others?

Uranus, the Awakener, just turned around to go retrograde this morning. It has been moving through Venus' stabilizing earth sign of Taurus since 2018 but “stations” times when we feel the planets influence the most.

Unexpected, disruptive events may help liberate us from our old identities in these last days of Venus as Morning Star. If you are feeling anxiety or too amped to sleep, it may be due to this electrifying influence.

We are inherently creative beings and born with a spark of joy in our hearts. As children, we didn't censor our expression and were longing to be appreciated for just being us.

This window is a fine time to appreciate yourself for all the ways you have shown up to your creative urges and accessed the courage to stand in the center and take leadership this year.

Or, if that doesn’t feel authentic, just show up for yourself and the truth of your experience right now free of judgment or criticism. What if you are right where you need to be for your transformation?   

Blessing on your gorgeous heart as we move through this portal. Wishing you many sparks of joy and creative inspiration.

I hope you remember to shine like a Queen before the dive into Underworld!

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