Sep 30, 2022
I am feeling the edge of this current global conflict that powerful people want to escalate.
Do not underestimate our power of anchoring the frequency of love and peace in our bodies at this time.
 Those words have lost a depth of meaning but when you drop into the visceral feeling of them, they are rich with meaning and influence.
  •  Venus in Libra is the Queen of Peace wed with Justice.
  •  We the people are awakened to the plot and manipulations.
  •  We are connected on the web and through the golden threads of our hearts.
  •  We are weaving a new reality based on care aligned with nature.
  •  Embodying the purity of what we know to be true in the face of the lies IS our secret weapon.
In 23 days Venus has her secret meeting with the Sun and activates a Libra Star Point for the first time in over 100 years.
The feminine frequency of justice will be empowered and even more available to assist us through this crucible as the dying dominator culture falls.
The larger Venus in Capricorn cycle that we are in is all about claiming the power of leading with our hearts to fulfill our sacred mission to create a new Earth.
This love note is to encourage all you new-paradigm visionaries of heart to stay the course.
Love wins.

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