The Queen of Peace is Coming

Nov 07, 2023

I woke up early this morning to see if the new Venus Portal was opening and there they were. 

The Moon and Venus were indeed visible together in the pre-dawn sky. Both still in the sign of Virgo, the sign of refining something down to the micro detail.

Venus shifts into here home sign of Libra, tonight, November 8th at 1:30 am Pacific Daylight Savings (ack!) Time.

The Queen of Peace is coming!

And for extra preparation for this beautiful step in the Venus cycle, Pluto the Transformer transmitted earth power to Venus as she moved through the end of Virgo yesterday.

I got my ass kicked energetically and I think this transit was a part of it. More on that in a bit.

We are in the peak potency of Scorpio as the Sun reached 15˚ of the sign today, marking the halfway point between Equinox and Solstice.

Mars will continue to amplify Scorpio and is moving towards a meet up with the Sun in 10 days when both will square off with Uranus, the Revolutionary.

Many are recovering from the intensity of eclipse season amplified by the energetics of the horrors of what transpired in Israel followed by the horrors of the violence being directed at the people, and most especially, the children, of Palestine.

This tragedy is breaking the hearts of mothers, lovers of life and humanitarians across the world.

We are living through increasingly pressurized times pushing many beyond anything they have experienced before. I hope you are taking care of yourself and being mindful of what you take into your body - including images.

I think many of us are praying for a huge and miraculous shift as we move through this crucible.

Are these auroras showing up in places where they are usually not visible a sign?

I'm been following this theory of a timeline shift on November 8-9th that was predicted back in 2020 and I'll share more on that in a bit.

I highly recommend being in a relational field of support of some kind during these intense times. The resource that is provided through being connected to kindred spirits is beyond what we can measure.

I held an impromptu gathering yesterday to compare impressions about this theory that there are two timelines diverging on November 8-9th - one connected to the Fibonacci spiral and one to what is called the Krystal spiral.

Now, I hear about timeline splits all the time from the ascension crowd. I have my own strange story about the Mandala effect, so I know firsthand that timelines can shift.

I think many of us have been feeling this for some time - knowing that there is a choice to be made between the organic reality and the synthetic one. Maybe this is it. I would rejoice for some kind of tangible shift from the current path towards destruction.

Although it flies in the face of the sacred geometry that I have learned connects to the Venus cycle, I think there's something legit being brought forth.

And I'm intrigued that the date of the split that has been predicted for a couple years, is landing on what I call a New Venus Portal, the date when the Moon and Venus meet up monthly.

This also happens to be the first portal after Venus has reached her greatest distance from the Sun. Mythologically this is the young woman differentiating from her mother to find her own true path and unique gifts.

For those syncing with Venus, the journey is getting real. We are stretched to see how committed we are to our path of growth. If you are going to consciously sync with Venus and tune in to the different chapters on her journey, now is the time to commit to that. Again, the benefits of doing this in community are innumerable.

She will start her descent soon and we will come face to face with the ways we have stayed enslaved through our conditioning.

Are we willing to surrender another mask and more of our identities and conditioning? Are we willing to be radically honest and consistently kind with ourselves as we deepen to discover our truer self?

This Venus portal in the sign of Libra, the Queen of Peace. She is the one who weighs the truth in our hearts and brings remedy to what is out of balance.

In the journey of consciousness Libra is the 7th stop in development and the first time that we discover Sacred Other. This catalyzes new understanding, both in who we are and what it means to navigate our life with awareness of another's needs and desires.

Even Libra is an air sign and connected to mediation, I think Venus in Libra's power is the ability to drop below our overthinking minds into the realm of feeling and listen to another from that place. This is whole body listening that can bring new solutions born of care and connection to another's well-being.

This feeds the spirit of cooperation between people and creates trust.

I connected to this idea while listening to animal whisperer, James French of the Trust Technique. His motto is "Trust is Everything." I'd love to learn from him someday.

Yesterday, I offered this impromptu gathering to discuss this possible timeline shift and share resources. Even though I have been getting a strong message "no more free events" and that I need to share Venus wisdom in a proper container, I overrode those messages. Because... "just one more because this is potentially such an important moment."

Thanks to the bright and spontaneous ones show up. I always enjoy connecting with those who resonate with Venus Wisdom.

And..afterwards, I had a rather dramatic kickback energetically, a shake up that required me to collect myself back to center many times to transmute it.

I think overriding my sense of how to move forward with sharing Venus wisdom was an opening for whatever that was. I'm re-aligning with these new instructions to share Venus wisdom in the private portals with those who have said yes to a journey within the community. I have done it in less intentional and secured containers for a long time.

Venus in Virgo is the Queen of Integrity after all. How many times do we see clearly how to move with something and then keep going back to our own patterns? (Sorry but there will not be a replay on it.)

Venus got a harmonious dose of Pluto medicine, so the theme of getting our house in order and being in our integrity is stronger than usual.

Pluto in Capricorn is rooting for us to claim our sovereignty in the face of bids for control from governmental and corporate influences.

May we experience ourselves on the timeline where we have the resources to fulfill our visions of a more beautiful earth. May the war and destruction that is ravaging this earth subside. May we live peacefully together and bring in the Golden Age.

Are by Shannon Stevens, created for the Venus in Leo Cycle calendar


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