Offerings of Deep Beauty

To Rebalance the World

Honoring the Union of Venus & Sun in Libra
Saturday, October 22, 20222
Dawn to Dusk 7 am ~ 5 pm Pacific

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Venus Wisdom Presents:

A Journey of Heart

January 28th, 2022 - June 30th, 2023

17-Month Initiation into the Venus Mysteries

with the Capricon Cycle

For 21 Visionary Women ready to Embody their Deep Essence and Manifest their Greatest Visions

Venus Wisdom Presents:

A Virtual Gathering of Heart
For the Libra Venus Star Point
Opening for the first time in 123 years.



You are invited to gather with our global community to honor the Underworld Venus Star Point in this Venus in Capricorn Cycle. 

This is an all-day open Zoom event from 7 am ~ 5 pm with different offerings of deep beauty from heroines around the world. Stories, songs, poetry, movement, astrology transmission and sometimes being together in the in-between. Come for an hour or as long as you wish. 

The theme is "Transmuting suffering and creating beauty during this tumultuous change of ages." 

Sasha Rose will be sharing a Venus Wisdom astrology transmission at 1 pm Pacific, prior to the exact moment of union at 2:17 pm.

Schedule for the day will be released before the date. 

Be sure to join our Venus Wisdom Community on Circle to connect in this powerful time. 

Hope to see you there! 

50% of funds will go towards scholarships for women who wish to attend "Discover Your Venus Avatar Mini-Course" and don't have the funds. 

Hello Beautiful !

I am Sasha Rose, the founder of Venus Wisdom. I was born into a Scorpio Star Point with Venus in Scorpio during Morning Star Ascent. 

My mission is to guide thousands of visionary, entrepreneurial women to awaken their inner heroine and strengthen their connection to their heart's guidance to uplevel their leadership to fulfill their sacred mission and contribute to the New Earth.  

My dream is to create a legacy through Venus Wisdom that will serve the next generation of visionaries of heart and their children.










The Solar Feminine is being anchored as we move into the Age of Aquarius.

Symbolically, Sun and Venus are the union of Love and Spirit, 
Eros and Heart, 
Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine. 
This Divine Union infuses the Solar Feminine. 
She radiates and embodies Light. 
The Solar Feminine shows us how to live from not knowing, 
to receive each moment as it arises. 
She has agency
She risks

Her leadership is sourced in her trust of her heart. 

She is love in motion.