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Activate your personalized heroine archetype and learn the 4 key dimensions of your Venus Avatar and how to synthesize them.

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Hi! I'm Sasha Rose.

I didn't always have the confidence and drive to act on what I knew my purpose was. In fact, I spent the last 10 years on a mission to be financially independent doing what I love and with more than a few failed attempts.

But, through that failure I discovered something amazing - my personal feminine archetype.

When I connected with my archetype, I found more confidence to show up authentically in my business and motivation to keep going. Activating this dormant part of myself also helped me navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship with more grace and ease.

And I'll tell you what... I'm DONE with seeing passionate, powerful, and persistent women stopped in their tracks simply because they're missing this secret ingredient.



✨ I know how it feels when you are pouring your heart and soul into your business YET don't give yourself full permission to be your authentic self.

✨ You likely went into business to feel more freedom and yet you are starting to feel drained by following the invisible rules. 

✨ The new norm is to show only your best side, your filtered face, your views that don't offend anyone.

✨ Are you sick of feeling constrained by the emerging unwritten rules of online business? 

✨ Do you have a hard time connecting with others definition of being "feminine" in business? 

✨ Are you tired of following other people's way of navigating your business that feels like it is taking you further away from your inner guidance? 

✨ Do you sometimes feel like you don't know who you are anymore? 


✨ You've tried to follow the female experts on business and feel there is something missing.

✨ In your quest to gain visibility, you edit your story, which is the most powerful tool you have to connect with your audience.

✨ You feel like you need to put on a mask, avoid sharing what's real and miss sharing your most valuable wisdom.

✨ If you are not connected to your own unique feminine design, you're missing out on bringing the real energy of yourself that the world needs.

✨ The truth is that you have a powerful ally within you, a part of you that can handle the intensity, the disappointments and the challenges of being an entrepreneur. She is a limitless well of inspiration and she is you!

✨ When you learn to activate her through your attention and through the support of the cosmos, you always have an ally with you on your journey.

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A 5-Day guided adventure to discover your personalized heroine archetype and unlock your Venus Wisdom

LIVE December 12th-16th,12:00-1:30 pm Pacific

This LIVE event is for women entrepreneurs who use moon-cycles and astrology to connect with natures cycles and their feminine power.

In this 5-day mini-course, you'll uncover your unique feminine design and use this to unleash renewed determination, purpose, and clarity.

Everyone who registers will be entered into a drawing for a 30-minute Venus Avatar Session.

You'll also receive unlimited access to the Venus Wisdom Membership Through the end of February, 2023. Continue to connect with other Venus-loving visionaries and share your experiences of syncing with Venus.

As a special gift for this LIVE session only
Free Mars-Venus Re-Calibration to unify your Inner Masculine and Feminine.

What women have said about discovering their Venus Avatar...

"It helped me to understand my core feminine essence to help me uncover patterns that were keeping me stagnant, and start to move through creating new ways of doing things." ~ S.N.

"It gave me a sense of personal empowerment and confidence. It validated my deep inner 'knowings' and helped me step more fully into myself -- with confidence, assurance, and a recognition of my true value and self-worth." ~ T.M.

"It created a more integrated and full expression of my embodied essence." ~ L.S.

"It empowered my authentic essence and has given me full permission to be myself in this life and not personalize the "mistakes" and learning that I'm here to do. " ~ S.S. 
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During the last Venus cycle, 21 heroines of heart embarked on an intimate journey with Venus Wisdom to discover their Venus Avatar and activate their inner heroine.
One of those women was visionary artist Selena Wilson. These are a few of the Venus Avatar paintings she created for the women in the group.