Venus & the Moon: Solar Feminine & Lunar Feminine

Oct 21, 2021


The Moon represents our Lunar Feminine and our bid for safety through the familiar experience of our stories, conditioning, and identity.

Venus represents our Solar Feminine and the evolutionary invitation to embody fully into present time, remembering our Source connection and guided by our inner knowing.

As we cross into the Age of Aquarius and live through never-been-experienced before levels of change, we need both of these aspects of our feminine for the journey.

We are in the Evening Star phase of Venus' cycle and she is heading towards her greatest height and distance from the Sun.

The New Venus Portals are the meeting of Venus and Moon every month - visible together in the Western Sky after sunset.

At this potent moment, we have the choice to choose Identity or to choose Essence. Right now, this occurs about 3 days after the New Moon.

The Peak Venus Portals are when Venus is opposite the Moon - setting in the West as the Moon rises in the East. Right now this occurs about 3 days after the Full Moon.

The next one is Sunday, October 24th, 5:42 pm PT at 18˚ Sagittarius. Can you feel it building?

If you want more support in embodying your authentic self, your true nature before identity, try syncing with Venus. Make time to nourish your body and awaken your heart at the New and Peak Venus Portals.

Plant your bare feet on the Earth and gaze at the Sky, allowing the beauty of her light to enter your eyes and illuminate your heart. Slow down and breathe. Choose not to know. Feel your body as the bridge between celestial and earth wisdom.

Your one-of-a-kind feminine essence is receiving the cosmic codes like no other. Allow yourself to remember more clearly your sacred purpose. Receive and receive some more. Drink in your own wisdom reflected back to you.

Writing down your experience is helpful to anchor it. So is sharing it with someone you love.

We will close out Venus's 19-month cycle with the Sun in January. This past cycle has been an initiation into anchoring the Solar Feminine consciousness on the Earth, through our bodies.

Every 9.5 months, Venus unites with the Sun, first in front of our star and then behind it. These Venus Star Points create a petal in the design of her 8 year larger cycle that culminates in a rose.

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