Venus in Aquarius: The Sensuality of Freedom

Feb 16, 2024

Venus has joined the Aquarius party!

Are you feeling the shift?

As of 8:05 am Pacific Venus has entered the sign of the Water Bearer. She will ride through Aquarius as she begins to wrap up her Morning Star phase.

She's still shining in the east before dawn, descending slowly each day as she prepares to enter the Underworld late April.

If you have clear skies, you can see Mars and her dancing together towards an exact meet up next week.

Tomorrow/tonight she has an initiation date with Pluto, The Great Transformer at 12:38 am Pacific.

This is a brief, electric taste of Underworld energy and may illuminate shadows around how we have felt powerless and abused. You may have a new ability to feel this wound and a new perspective.

The Sun, Our Illuminator, has been in Aquarius since January 20th entering the sign along with Pluto illuminating the energy we will be learning from for the next 20 years.

Since then, Mercury, Moon, Mars and, now, Venus have moved into the 11th sign of the zodiac.

This parade of personal planets activates a key part of our personal astrology that will be the seat of great changes in the coming decades as we move into, or move deeper into, the Age of Aquarius.

The New Moon in Aquarius on February 9th starting the new Asian Lunar Year of the Dragon, further emphasized the Aquarian themes right now.

I don't know much about that astrology system but I like the idea of the Dragon energy joining the Lioness energy that holds this entire 19 month Venus cycle that opened in Leo mid-August.

The Lioness and the Dragon.'s going to get wilder.

Venus in Aquarius inspires our sacred rebel who embodied her uniqueness and graciously follows the beat of her own drummer.

Here, she inspires us to zoom out to a vaster perspective, remain open to diverse perspectives and avoid getting caught in reactionary emotional drama.

She is the edge walker who knows the outsider position holds key information that can assist the group to innovate and find new solutions.

With Venus in Aquarius, connected to modern "ruler" Uranus and Uranus currently in Taurus, the earthly, embodied sign of Venus, we have an emphasis on awakening our electric body, or what Eileen Day McKusick calls our "human biofield."

Aquarius is the next to the last sign of the zodiac. How much have we learned since last March about our unique gifts and contributions and who we resonate with as collaborators, dreamers and kindred spirits?

Venus in Aquarius inspires us to find our tribe that hold a similar vision for the future.

Venus in Aquarius is now in the opposite sign from Leo, where she started this cycle mid-summer. She is bringing feminine medicine to her meetup with major influencer Pluto.

She reminds us to stay human and courageously allow our weirdo to show so we can find the other weirdos who love us. Who wants to be normal in this "new normal" anyways?

What is your role to play at this time of rapid spiritual evolution?

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