The Magic of 2

Feb 03, 2022

We've moved through the first date of repeating 2's this month on 2-2-22. There's lots more coming in with the frequency of this number!

What do you think of when you think of the number 2?

I think of partnership, intimacy, the polarity of opposites. 2 contains the power of 1 + 1 to harmonize and birth something exponentially more potent than either can alone. The primal pair of creation. 

Venus, the planet that represents the feminine principle or, internal desires, and Mars, the planet that represents the masculine principle or, outward actions, are preparing to journey within one degree of each for two weeks.

They usually meet up once every two years but they are at the beginning of a new 6-ish year cycle that starts anew when Venus is in her Morning Star phase. Double rebirth in this Capricorn cycle.

Mars and Venus will unite twice in two months, once in Capricorn on 2-16 and once in Aquarius on 3-5. By the time 2-22-22 rolls around, they will be riding within one degree of each other and have caught up with asteroid Vesta - who implores us to tend to the sacred spark of devotion in our hearts.

There is no time to waste in doing what we love with the people we cherish.

On 2-24 Venus, Mars and Vesta will meet up at exactly 22˚ of Capricorn committing deeply to their sacred union and to infuse their work and actions with that love. 

For those of you who are syncing with Venus, put some exclamation points on your calendar and set your alarm clock for the next New Venus Portal. On 2-27, Venus, Vesta, Mars and Moon will all be exactly 24˚Capricorn in the pre-dawn sky. We have the opportunity to rewrite our family story and conditioning around our love-ability and our ability to love fully.

By 3-2-22, they will join Pluto and ride with the Great Transformer for 2 days, to pass through an initiation that requires discipline and tests their commitment.

On 3-5, they have their second exact union occurs at 0˚ Aquarius  - the point of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December Solstice in 2020 that opened up the next level of this change of ages.

The next two months will be a vivid inquiry into how the initiated masculine principle will support the resurrection of the sacred feminine to re-dream the world. Chiron in Aries continues to assist in the healing of our wounded masculine until 2027. 

What will happen when humanity learns to unite and claim our love of life, liberty, and happiness?

When we unify these two energies within and without, we unleash a potency of love that is beyond our imagination. When we embody this and link with others doing the same, we are unstoppable.


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