Venus Cycle Late July into Mid-August: Breakthrough Astrology

Aug 14, 2022

We are in another potent window of transformation from late July into mid-August. Some of the most anticipated breakthrough astrology of the year happens as three forces of change link up for a rare meeting in one of Venus’s signs.

Venus at the center of these energetics emphasizes that our feminine nature is key to navigating the chaos of this time. When we occupy our bodies and attune to our heart’s wisdom, we connect with the guidance we need for these times.

Catch up on the Venus Cycle

Venus is the art of connection. Our connections with others create relational patterns. As these multiply and become norms, we create culture. Many subcultures are being seeded as we seek new interdependent ways of collaborating that assist us in decreasing dependency on the dying system. 

As Earth’s twin and reflector, Venus guides us deeper into our bodies. Her dance with the Sun reveals our hearts as portals of power where human heart meets solar heart and connects us to the fire of the infinite.

As we move deeper into the Age of Aquarius, we are choosing our future and the fate of the generations to come. We are re-dreaming the world from the inside out.

Will we choose the positive timeline where empowered humanity activates our organic technology and creates a culture based on care and alignment with nature?

Or, will we choose a timeline where humans give up our natural sentience to become enslaved through technology to a mechanistic, power-over consciousness? 

Uranus in the ruler or guardian of the sign of Aquarius so the movements of this planet gifts us loads of guidance for the nature of this revolution. 

Uranus has been in Taurus since the spring of 2019 emphasizing the importance of our human experience and the ability to sustain ourselves in the physical world as technology amps up and virtual realities replace the real. 

As the old system breaks down, connecting to Source energy within our bodies is the revolution.

Venus invites us on a heroine’s journey every 19 months when she begins a new cycle. We are initiated into our deeper wisdom and authentic self when we hear and answer the call to the journey. 

We have been journeying in this current Capricorn cycle since January. The emphasis has been on cultivating our elder wisdom (regardless of age) and taking leadership to live more of our sacred purpose. 

We are invited to feel our deepest heart's dreaming of a new reality and begin manifesting the structures to support us in birthing it. 

What heart-aligned goals did you say yes to pursuing at the beginning of 2022? 

Each disappointment, setback, obstacle, rejection, and failure on your path to fulfilling those goals are vital threads in your story of this cycle. Take heart, as we are not even halfway through yet.

In her current Morning Star phase, we are invited to surrender what is false in order to embody more of our essential nature as beings of love. The trials and tribulations during her descent can assist us in uncovering more of the truth of who we are.

Venus is still visible in the northeast in the pre-dawn darkness. If you have clear weather, I encourage you to wake early and try to see her before she disappears as Morning Star.

Venus is moving through her last week in the initiating water sign of Cancer, the Mother, the Nurturer, the Lover of the Oceans, and cycles. Here, she is connected to the Moon and our family conditioning that keeps us safe through familiarity. Cancer indicates our patterns of nurturing or the lack of it. 

We can feel an increased sensitivity, emotionality and insecurity in our relating under this influence. Under these skies, we may not want to be seen but to tuck into our shells for a while. 

When we connect with our inner water, even one drop, and nourish ourselves with a microdose of kindness, we can access a greater flow of caring that will build our confidence. 

Mothering that little one within can be the activation to remember how much we wish to be treated with care and surrender our habits of self-cruelty. 

The potential for breakthroughs around dysfunctional ancestral and family patterns is great. 

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