Venus Wisdom Presents:

A Journey of Heart

January 28th, 2022 - June 30th, 2023

17-Month Initiation into the Venus Mysteries

with the Capricon Cycle

For 21 Visionary Women ready to Embody their Deep Essence and Manifest their Greatest Visions

Venus Wisdom Presents:

Journey of Awakened Heart

January 29th, 2022 - June 30th, 2023

17-Month Initiation into the Venus Mysteries

in the Capricorn Cycle

For 21 Pioneering Women Ready to Embody Your Deep Essence and Manifest Your Greatest Visions




Beautiful Woman ~ 

Are you hearing the call to live more of the truth of who you are in these turbulent times? 

Are you willing to trust your inner knowing as your primary authority? 

Are you ready to claim more of your super-human power to re-create the world? 

Are you deeply committed to your sacred purpose? 

Ready for more support to actualize it?

Do you want tools to help you to stay rooted in pure love as life gets more intense? 

Are you interested in learning an embodied model of astrology that assists you in powerfully meeting the energies of these changing times?

Are you ready to manifest your most potent dreams for the new age from the deepest place in your being? 

Are you ready for a deeper initiation into your Feminine Essence through the Venus Mysteries?

If so, you may wish to join us for an incredible adventure at this profound time...

Expand your Heroine Spirit, Embody Your Feminine Truth

Learn the MAP to sync with Venus and Amplify you Innate Wisdom. Learn to Trust your Inner Knowing. Claim your Real Power. Discover more Ease and Inspiration to bring your Wildest Visions into Reality.

There's a beautiful contradiction being the heroine in your own story.

Your essence is deeply feminine and yet you’re a warrior, always fighting for what matters to you.

You’re a Visionary, Rebel, Innovator, Trailblazer, Disruptor, Artist, Entrepreneur, Adventurer, Renegade, Healer, Innovator, Pioneer. And MORE.

You love that you KNOW you’ll always figure it out.

You’ll always make it happen, come out on top, and achieve what you set your mind to.

There’s power in that.

You’ve felt it, experienced it, and there’s nothing quite like proving to yourself what you’re truly made of on the other side of doubt and fear.

Seeing a woman be the heroine is exhilarating.

We all cheer for her and want to be her.

We also all feel the sacrifices within her triumphs.

In those moments of deep honesty with yourself, you know that sometimes you wish you didn’t have to always figure it out. Sometimes it’s exhausting - the fight.

Sometimes, you wish to feel supported by something powerful enough to hold you. You love hard and you’re holding much for everyone else. Strength is woven into your being and fuels your purpose. And yet, that too can get exhausting.

You may have embarked on the hero's journey without knowing it. 

The heroine's journey is learning how to move with the unstoppable fire of your heart's inspiration AND surrender your concepts of outcome and limitations of your identity. The gift of release within water. 

The heroine learns how to move with fire and water to expose more of the truth of who she is. She makes progress with more ease. 



The heroine who’s ready for the gifts of Venus is…

* A fighter... yet wishing she didn’t have to all the time.
* A rebel... yet deep within she’s soft and yearns to be held.
* A winner... but she thinks of how nice it would be if it felt easier.
* Bigger and deeper than this world… yet she knows she must live in it.
* Called to experience the fullness of life... and isn’t afraid of it being hard.
* Committed to herself and being her best… while at the same time wishing she could relax more.
* Committed to transform those parts of her that have felt like a burden or less than.

She is...
A woman who doesn’t shy away from doing deep identity work and embraces new ways of achieving breakthroughs… yet is practical and craves grounded spiritual practices.

Aware of the power of the feminine... yet reluctantly holding on to what she knows because it’s gotten her to where she is today.

Resistant to getting rid of any part of her heroine.... yet knows the masculine drive within is burning her out and not getting her everywhere she wants to go in life.

Venus wisdom teaches us that we don’t have to give up our heroine spirit in order to embrace the feminine. Please don't. 

Venus teaches us how to alchemize both the fierceness and the softness.

Let Venus wisdom guide you.
Learn to trust the feminine and access its power when you need it.
Don’t lose your edge and rebel heart while creating space to truly rest, relax, and let go.

Use the power of the Venus cycle to achieve your goals with more ease by knowing exactly how to ebb and flow with this powerful energy.

The impact this may have on your life is:
Deepening your courage to lead with authenticity.
Experiencing more wealth with less work, as you unlock the true gifts of the heroine's heart.
Awakening to the possibility of being the heroine without having to fight so hard for it.

Praise for Venus Wisdom


Syncing with Venus Wisdom has been incredibly nourishing and empowering. After a few months of relating with Venus I felt like I came home to myself in a whole new way. No longer am I willing to sacrifice my feminine nature for outward success. I now have a map to work with to plan my business and life in harmony with my personal astrology that supports both my visionary drive as well as my deep feeling heart and need for rest and renewal. Sasha Benedetti is my go to astrologer and recommend her pioneering work to every woman ready for the next edge of her personal development.

~ Sacha Sterling



A 17-month Initiation in a Sacred Container
To Alchemize Power and Love
through the Venus Mysteries 

A personalized journey that includes self-study, personal astrology and a community container of sisterhood with spirited, creative and visionary women like you. 

Incorporate powerful Venus energies into your life through...

Online Teachings
✨ Study at your own pace to understand the patterns of the Venus cycle and how to sync with this energy for greater ease, abundance, pleasure and empowerment.

✨ Teachings on how to understand astrology in the Venus Wisdom Way: simple, embodied and applies to you personally. This is for all levels of understanding (requires interest to expand your knowing, whatever that is.)

✨ The Venus in Capricorn map, calendar and workbook showing the most potent times for creation and flow with key dates throughout the year to guide you in business and life.

✨ Instruction on how to use the Venus map as a tool to operate at your best and use this wisdom with others in your life, especially if you are a leader guiding other women.

✨ Embodiment practices and journal prompts to deeply explore your inner wisdom and build trust with the feminine.

One-on-One with Sasha Rose
✨ 2 private deep-dive sessions to unblock, clear, and root you into receiving the gifts of Venus and your inner wisdom. 2 hours each, Morning Star and Evening Star.

✨ Quarterly personal astrology recordings with specific dates and notes based on your personal chart, showing you how these themes will show up in your life leaving you more prepared for what’s to come.

✨ Bi-monthly Heart Reflection sessions to connect you with your heart space and intimacy with your deepest feminine essence. Be witnessed in the naked truth of your deep heart. 

Group Experience  

✨ 2 group gatherings a month for learning. Teachings plus space to ask questions and strengthen your understanding.

✨ 1 Gathering a month to honor the New Venus Portal with a Ceremony of Heart. Sacred space to have your deepest desires and expression be witnessed and supported by other women.

✨ Community forum space to maintain connection and go deeper with this work outside of group gatherings, both on Telegram and FB.  

✨ An opportunity to partner with another heroine to go deeper into the exercises and art of reflection. (For Evening Star portion of the journey.)

✨ Space to practice the feminine arts of noticing, reflecting, appreciating, receiving and radiating with other successful visionary women.

✨ Personal feedback as you learn and embody the mechanics and magic of the Venus cycle. 

✨ Teachings on Venus' movements through the signs and activations.

We begin Saturday, January 29th, 2022

The key to Venus wisdom, beyond astrology or astronomy, is your willingness to transform.


More Praise for Venus Wisdom 

It’s clear by working with Sasha that you are working with Venus, the planetary embodiment of the ultimate Heroine.

I’m in deep admiration for the way that she’s transferred her life experience into her ability to guide herself and now others to meet and explore their own wild essence and heart truths, and answer the call of their own heroine’s journey.

In Sasha’s presence you receive a transmission of a potent blend of the sky story and earth song ~ head, heart and body which is generous, benevolent, vivid and accessible.

She offers us the chance to remember our most ancient cosmic origins, our interrelatedness with all things, with each other, and with life and love itself.

The world is deeply in need of this remembering, in need of those who embody the values that they offer up to the world. And she does this with perfect humility.

Sasha’s capacity to teach and inspire is a gift to all individuals and groups that cross her path, and for this she has my deepest love and most faithful support.

~ Abby Aquila



Your Guide

Sasha Rose is the founder of Venus Wisdom. She is an Astrologer devoted to the awakening of our deepest heart knowing and full embodiment of our gifts at this epic time. She is deeply connected to nature, a practical mystic, writer, teacher entrepreneur, and mother of a teen daughter. She has spent 28 years as an apprentice to Sky and Earth Wisdom and the Feminine Mysteries.

Sasha Rose has been passionately studying astrology for 28 years. She draws upon her intuition and intimacy with nature, as well as studies of astrology, meditation, wellness, culture, and studies of Montessori's Cosmic Education. She earned her BA in Culture, Ecology, and Sustainable Communities and holds a CA Teaching Credential.

After receiving a direct transmission in 2012 when Venus visibly crossed the face of the Sun, she was inspired to birth Venus Wisdom and guide visionary women to sync with Venus and embody their deepest and most powerful truth.  



The Solar Feminine is being anchored as we move into the Age of Aquarius.

Symbolically, Sun and Venus are the union of Love and Spirit, 
Eros and Heart, 
Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine. 
This Divine Union infuses the Solar Feminine. 
She radiates and embodies Light. 
The Solar Feminine shows us how to live from not knowing, 
to receive each moment as it arises. 
She has agency
She risks

Her leadership is sourced in her trust of her heart. 

She is love in motion.