Venus Wisdom Presents:

A Journey of Heart

January 28th, 2022 - June 30th, 2023

17-Month Initiation into the Venus Mysteries

with the Capricon Cycle

For 21 Visionary Women ready to Embody their Deep Essence and Manifest their Greatest Visions



We are a community of visionary women syncing with Venus for cosmic and community support on our heroine's journey.
We are consciously aligning with nature's cyclic power through Venus’ dance with the Sun.

We are harmonizing with organic life, reclaiming our wholeness and find our courage to bring our full gifts during these tumultuous times.  

Visionary collage art by Shannon Stevens for the Venus in Leo cycle calendar

Enter the Venus Wisdom Village

Do you want to follow the golden thread of this Venus cycle?  Even if you don't yet know what that means, you may feel the call. If your heart and body feel resonant, this this is for you.

Do you wish to join a vibrant, multi-generational tribe of visionary, sovereign, creative women dedicated to sharing our gifts and leading from the heart during these turbulent times? 

The Venus Wisdom Way of syncing with Venus assists you to move...

✨ From stifling your truth to allowing it to express...sometimes as a roar.

✨ From controlling life and bracing against challenges to meeting your personal trials with an open heart. 

✨ From hiding behind the mask of who you are supposed to be to transparently being yourself.

✨ From comparing yourself to other women to appreciating the many unique expressions of the feminine spirit. 

 ✨ From feeling isolated and dissatisfied by superficial connections to being a part of a community of kindred spirits. 

✨ From the pain of being a victim to the power of claiming your story.

✨ From being overwhelmed by life's intensity to learning the art of resourcing, finding clarity and trusting your resilience. 

What's inside the Venus Wisdom Village…  

  • Live online gatherings with Sasha Rose and the Venus Village once a month. Guidance on how to sync with Venus in her cycle to support you in living from your deepest truth and bringing forward your gifts. Replays available if you are not able to make it live. We generally gather on Saturday from 12:00-1:30 pm Pacific. 

  • Private Circle Community away from the big social media platforms. After much research, this platform feels the most aligned for authentic community building. 

  • Receive writings on the Venus cycle and curated content for your personal growth away from the overwhelm of social.

  • Access to a private space off big social media 24/7 to ask questions and shared your embodied insight on your journey.

  • Access to resources to navigate these wild times and find innovative new solutions as we move deeper into the Age of Aquarius. 

  • Key Astro Dates to support you in syncing with natural timing.

  • Pop-Up Gatherings! 

  • Writing prompts. It is highly encouraged that you start, re-start or strengthen your writing practice. Documenting our stories, insights and experiences are the gold on this journey. 

  • Learn from a grounded, seasoned guide who has invested time to discover this Venus framework. I share guidance in this unique way of workin with Venus. I support you to trust your own wisdom and your path.  

  • Opportunities to connect, collaborate and learn from kindred spirits across the world.If you are a female creative, entrepreneur or visionary dedicated to embodying your unique sacred feminine energy and taking leadership in your life you will be at home in this community. If you want to show up more and share your wisdom, you value sovereignty, you have an open mind and heart and are willing to discover something new, you are aligned with this crew of sacred rebels, divergent thinkers, solutionaries, freedom lovers, truth seekers, deep feelers and dreamers. 

Join the Venus Wisdom Village to be a part of a multi-generational online community of visionary women of heart aligned with sovereignty. 

You cannot find this wisdom anywhere else in the world! 

Cancel at any time (must finish current month's billing) 

Join The Venus Wisdom Village

Praise for the Venus Wisdom Journey

"I've gained clarity in my mission and being ok with it evolving...not feeling like I am in a corner...and allowing individuality rather than feeling like I have to do what everyone else is doing. The acknowledgment of Aquarius as a guiding star for me has been HUGE!"

~ Kara

"I have more clarity now about my soul’s purpose; what I already knew intuitively had been affirmed and validated… I also understand myself better and appreciate myself more; my self-love has deepened; I’ve become more kind, understanding, and supportive of myself as a result of this work and less critical of myself!"

~ Tracey

"I’m starting to really understand through direct experience how Venus cycles support evolution and the intrinsic value of what she offers, it’s amazing to me that this has always been available to us if we would just tune in and connect. I also appreciate all of the resources you share Sasha. Thank you! "  

~ Julia

I am Sasha Rose, the founder of Venus Wisdom. I am a high dreamer and a deep diver.

My mission is to guide  visionary, entrepreneurial women to consciously sync with the Venus cycle to connect to their heart's guidance, to activate their inner heroine fulfill their sacred mission.  

In 2012, I watched Venus cross the face of the Sun and received a transmission that changed my life and inspired me to embark on the path of an entrepreneur. I shifted from engaging with my life-long passion for astrology from a 2D to a 3D perspective that includes the living sky and the planetary cycles. 

I founded Venus Wisdom offer astrology with an emphasis to support women in embodying our deepest feminine intelligence and unique frequency of love. 

Since then, I have developed a unique method for syncing with Venus and mapping our feminine design to support visionary women to embark on our heroine's journey of inner knowing. 

These are precious tools for discovering our deepest feminine intelligence and bringing forward our gifts in these turbulent times. 

Join the Venus Wisdom Village 

Be a part of our one-of-a-kind, exclusive community and connect with the magic of a community of sovereign women syncing with Venus.

Monthly Membership Access


Cancel anytime (must finish current month)


This membership is weaving a field of connection while honoring your sovereignty. 

Come to weekly live, gatherings online to connect and tap into the group field with kindred spirits or tune into  later the  materials and be nourished by the wisdom. You can be who you are and where you are.

Assignments are invitations and the learning process spirals so will circle back again. This isn't about pressure or keeping up but being in an intentional field that provides resources to enrich your journey. You will be invited to document and share your stories of heart as you wish.

 Go at your own pace and enjoy the ongoing invitations to relax and tend to your body. Find out when you are inspired to try suggested practices that mirror the energetic invitation of the moment. We want to honor and you as the leader on your path of purpose and encourage you to shine brighter in your gifts. 
✨      ✨      ✨ 

Is this for you?

You love to learn in whatever style you do it. You are curious how the Venus cycle can support you to birth your creative offerings. You appreciate archetypes. You have an interest in systems that inspire self-awareness like astrology, human design, Enneagram. 

You want the real. The organic. The natural. You value honesty, kindness and authenticity. You are disenchanted with the New Age frame, lack of experience and substance in many teachings in the women's spirituality movement. You don't need to be a Goddess, although you may be inspired by them.  You don't want to worship anything outside yourself or feel you have to look or dress a certain way to connect with your spirituality. 

Your personal journey has revealed the deceptions of our current reality. You question the narrative and unfolding events. Yet you have faith in goodness, hold a vision of a more beautiful world and know that you are here to help birth it. 

You want to be in a community where you know you don't have to censor yourself and those around you get you and your truth-loving ways. 

Words of appreciation for the Venus Wisdom journey... 

"I’m starting to really understand through direct experience how Venus cycles support evolution and the intrinsic value of what she offers, it’s amazing to me that this has always been available to us if we would just tune in and connect. I also appreciate all Of the resources you share Sasha. Thank you! Also working with my Scorpio Venus Star that holds everything… this just makes so much sense to me and allows me to just relax into my deep scorpionic ways."
~ JS